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The emergence of data science as a pre-eminent tool in the marketing industry means a new wave of metrics, software applications, media planning methodologies and indeed an entirely new culture is pervading the industry.  Unlike many of our peers, ROI Factory recognizes that the heart and soul of marketing still rests in the creation and dissemination of great ideas. 

ROI Factory is dedicated to helping marketers and agencies stay creative and competitive while taking full advantage of the new tools and methodologies. 

The Team

When the internet marketing revolution began in the mid-nineties, long before traditional ad agencies and marketers got into the game, two early digital agencies led by two digital pioneers stood out among the home-grown start-ups in the ground zero city of San Francisco.  

Left Field and SF Interactive were among the first “goto” locally founded digital marketing services companies in Silicon Valley.  At least that’s what Amazon believed when they hired Michael McMahon’s agency in 1996 and what the marketers at Netscape and VeriSign invested in when they hired Bruce Carlisle’s SF Interactive in 1997.  Today the experienced founders of these legendary pioneering digital experts have teamed up at ROI Factory with a mission to help agencies and marketers confront the next complex and broadly misunderstood frontier: Digital Marketing Analytics.

The Industry Pioneers who are driving ROI Factory:

Michael McMahon, Partner at ROI Factory

   Michael McMahon, Partner at ROI Factory

Bruce Carlisle, Partner at ROI Factory

       Bruce Carlisle, Partner at ROI Factory











Michael McMahon

Analytics driven marketer since 1990. Founder of three multi-million dollar agencies. Past clients have included Amazon, eBay, Macy's, The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, Sprint, Match, AutoTrader, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.