ROI Factory

Introducing ROI Factory

ROI Factory, founded by Michael McMahon and Bruce Carlisle, provides consulting and agency analytics services including timely and actionable reports, dashboards and analyses of all marketing activities to deliver cross-media attribution and constant improvement in marketing ROI.

Marketing Analytics wasn’t meant to be this hard, and now, it doesn’t have to be.  ROI Factory has a vision for Analytics 2.0.  A world where analytics drives insight and timely action and constant ROI improvement across all media channels.

The Pain:

Marketers and their agencies today are unable to keep up with the ever-evolving demand for marketing analytics, creative attribution and cross-media optimization.  Despite massive investment in staff and tools promising one-size-fits-all solutions, most consumers of analytics remain dissatisfied with the product they are receiving. 

Today’s analytics regime is built on reporting. Period.  Reports are seldom timely or actionable; usually focused on narrow silos of the media budget, short on spending insights and almost never integrated with offline data.  Scratch beyond the edges and you know that Analytics 1.0 is borderline useless to any kind of strategic approach to improved return on marketing investment.

The Solution: ROI Factory

For almost 30 years, the ROI Factory team has been working on analytics, attribution and optimization solutions.  Our mission is to help marketers and agencies rationalize their analytics budget and build a system built on timely actionable insights. 

We’re consultants. We have built multiple digital agencies from the ground up.  We’ve serviced dozens of clients across most major product categories as Agency CEOs and we’ve advised agency’s themselves as their lead consultants.  We’ve both built and sold proprietary marketing analytics products. In the process we have met with or spoken with dozens of marketer CMOs and Agency CEOs.

If any of this resonates, let us know where you need help.  Fill out the form below, or call either one of us.

Michael McMahon

Analytics driven marketer since 1990. Founder of three multi-million dollar agencies. Past clients have included Amazon, eBay, Macy's, The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, Sprint, Match, AutoTrader, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.