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The promise of digital marketing was more data and better marketing analytics.

7,000+ “Martech” platforms all told me optimization would get easier.

So, why, in 2021, are my analytics backward-looking, siloed and lacking in actionable insight?

How will I scale my digital marketing
when my existing attribution
systems are so narrowly focused?

Why is my team spending too much time on the wrong tasks?

Why can’t I get one timely, big picture view of all of my digital marketing in one place?

The answer does not lie with your “stack”. It lies with a better strategy.


Consolidate your view

Generate actionable Insight

Optimize spending in real time

Improve ROI across all channels

Leverage your “stack”

Change the analytics culture


Michael McMahon, Partner

  • 2X Digital Agency Founder & CEO
  • 28 years of Marketing Analytics
  • Google and Adobe Certified
  • Dozens of clients in multiple categories
  • Builder of proprietary analytics dashboard and marketing tech toolsets

Bruce Carlisle, Partner

  • 2X Digital Agency Founder & CEO
  • General Agency President
  • Consultant & Speaker to 4As, ad industry CEOs, CMOs
  • Multiple biz-dev, sales and consulting engagements with SaaS marketing tool companies
  • Decades of cross-media experience

ROI Factory is a San Francisco Bay Area marketing services and consulting firm specializing in helping brands and their advertising and PR agencies introduce greater elements of actionable analytics. 

We work at the intersection of business strategy, the “marketing stack”, analytics staffing, associated agencies and reporting — with the objective of helping our clients achieve greater return on marketing investment across all marketing channels. 

Our goal is to help customers accelerate their time to return on marketing dollars, to eliminate the negative impacts of siloed media structures and to help build a culture that sees analytics in a forward looking context.

Our approach is collaborative and complementary to your existing team and software. We are platform agnostic and interested in helping marketing organizations get the most out of the investments they have already made.

As former digital agency CEOs and dashboard developers ourselves, we are able to understand, diagnose and resolve the unique dynamics where people, software, agencies and media channels meet within an organization.

Maybe we can help, maybe we can’t –but let’s find out. The “analytics frustration” you and your organization may be experiencing probably isn’t going to cure itself without some objective and holistically informed help.  Please give us a shout.